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Help make "Chard Your Yard" happen!

We're in an amazing time - completely dominated by COVID-19 safety precautions.  Even with the state of Minnesota's "Stay at Home" order, we feel we are justified to pursue this year's Chard Your Yard Program.  The ban clearly reads: "If you leave your home, practice social distancing measures and keep six feet between you and those around you. Everyone is encouraged to stay active outside during this time, provided they practice safe social distancing."  We read this as saying we can be active and healthy, including installing garden beds while practicing safe distancing.  

Join the CYY Planning Team

02/16/21 We are starting our annual planning process for the 2021 season, and we are looking for like-minded community gardeners to help.  All you need is the desire to get involved!  Reach out through our contact form!

How Can I help?

You are encouraged to help with Garden installs if:

  • You feel safe leaving your home - this means you are not at risk because of pre-existing health conditions.  If you are at risk, do NOT participate.
  • You can provide the tools you need to install beds:
    • Garden Frame Installers will need:
      • face mask - wear at all times
      • gloves - wear at all times
      • heavy duty drill or impact driver (your team MIGHT be able to help with this)
      • vehicle to transport 5 foot lumber
      • you have good carpentry skills or have had experience with constructing garden beds
    • Garden Fillers will need:
      • face mask - wear at all times
      • gloves - wear at all times
      • shovel
      • 5 gallon buckets or containers to haul dirt (your team MIGHT be able to help with this)
      • vehicle to transport dirt
  • We ask that all volunteers will keep track of their hours.  This helps us with tracking the impact of this program.  

Organization and Operations

Once you volunteer, you will be assigned to a Virtual Team, with a real leader!  Your VTeam and leader will be your point of contact throughout your involvement with the project.  Each team will be assigned garden beds to be installed.  Each volunteer will help the team complete each install.  Our involvement will always be you working alone and practicing social distancing.  There will be NO onsite 'team' activities. 

If you sharing shelter-in-place with others, you can work together with these individuals.  

We encourage all communication with Garden Receipients to be conducted via PHONE or TEXT.  There should be NO face-to-face interactions with Gardeners.  

Teams will have some flexibility on when they can work on installs.  This will be based on the preferences of the Garden Recipient and the Volunteers.  So daytime, evening and weekend installs are possible.  

Throughout the project, the status of each garden bed will be tracked on our website.  You will also use the website to track your volunteer hours.  

The Volunteer Process

If you are ready to volunteer, click the links below. 

First, you'll need to create an account on this website.  We use our account to track your hours, and give you access to the gardens you will help install.  Your information is private and we will never sell or distribute your information, except to work with you on Chard Your Yard.

Next you will fill out the Signup and Waiver form.  By completing the Signup and Waiver form, you are confirming the written waiver.  

Once we receive your signup, you will be assigned to a Virtual Team.  Your VTeam Leader will contact you and work with you to plan your participation.  

If you have any questions, please contact us!  Better to ask any questions before signing up.

Thanks for considering this, you are making the amazing world we live in today!


Updated - 2021-02-16