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Garden Details

Our amazing volunteers proudly show off a brand new Chard Your Yard garden they just completedGarden Bed Information

  • Dimensions are 3' x 5' x 12"
  • Bed are constructed from treated pine lumber from Hiawatha Lumber
  • Each bed is filled with a soil/compost blend from The Mulch Store
  • The bed is constructed and dirt is delivered to your yard by friendly program volunteers
  • Each install includes a weather and dirt-proof Chard Your Yard sign

Garden Bed Pricing

The cost for a standard 3' x 5' x 12" raised garden bed is $70.  

Subsidized Bed Pricing

Subsidized garden beds are only available for low-income or seniors in Cooper, Howe, Hiawatha or  Longfellow.  The price of these beds is discounted by the Longfellow Community Council so the final cost for these beds is $35.  Income qualification rates are:

  • 1 person - $25,000
  • 2 persons - $35,000
  • 3 Persons - $45,000
  • 4 persons - $55,000

Seniors need to be 65 years of age.  

Double-high Beds

We also offer a double-high bed for persons with disabilities.  The double-high bed facilitates better access for these populations.  

The price of these beds is also discounted by the Longfellow Community Council, so final cost is $70.  

Double-high subsidized beds are only available for persons with disabilities in Cooper, Howe, Hiawatha or Longfellow.  

Homeowners and Renters

Gardens can be installed in homeowner or renter yards. Renters must have written permission from the landlord to complete an installation. 

Master Gardener Visit

We have suspended master gardener visits for the 2020 garden program, because of coronavirus social distancing.   

Soil Quality and Garden Depth

Note: Because the bed is only 12" high, the roots of plants will go deeper into the soil below. If you have a concern about soil quality, you may wish to have a soil test done for the area where you believe you will place your bed. You can have this done at the University of Minnesota soil testing lab. Plan ahead on this as it takes several weeks to get results back. We encourage gardeners to lay a barrier of newspaper in the garden bed before the soil is delivered to kill any plants/weeds/grass that could grow up thru the new soil. Also be sure to consider Hügelkultur; a garden practice of partially filling the bed with sticks or branches to decay and add nutrients to the soill as they break down over time. Hügelkultur is especially helpful for double high beds which require lots of soil. 

If you have questions not answered above about our garden beds, please Contact Us.