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Build Your Own

If you want to "Chard Your OWN Yard" you can use these plans to create a raised garden bed yourself.

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We welcome folks to volunteer for "Chard Your Yard" to learn how to build raised garden beds. It's a great way to learn by doing and you help your community as well! Sign up to volunteer!


4 -  2X6 5 ft long sides
4 -  2X6 3 ft short sides
4 -  2X2 8 in corner braces
3 dozen 5# 2.5” deck screws
½ cubic yard dirt (50% compost/50% topsoil)
Cordless drill & bit


CYY Garden Bed Layout


  • -Assemble short side first
  • lay 2 3ft 2X6 side by side on saw horse or work surface
  • use 4 screws to attach each 2X2 to each end (below)

Garden Bed Assembly 1

  • Repeat for second short side
  • With 2 people stand assembled short sides up on ends
  • Place long side boards across 2 ends lining them up straight

Garen Bed Assembly 2

  • Screw 2 screws thru each board end, connecting the corners
  • Flip bed to unfinished side and repeat with last 2 boards
  • Position the assembled bed and fill with soil.

Please consider using your new skill to help others by volunteering! Go to to learn more!